Amazon will Launch a $50 tablet this year

Amazon’s Kindle fire HD 6-inch tablet is already one of the most inexpensive on the market ($100 with advertisements), but the organization is seeking to launch an even cheaper 6-inch tool, in keeping with a Monday file with the aid of the Wall street journal.The brand new 6-inch tablet will cost best $50 and have to arrive in time for the holidays, the WSJ’s assets claim.
Amazon will manage this feat by way of using cheaper components, inclusive of a mono instead of stereo speaker. It’s also safe to anticipate it will likely be ad-supported, like all of the most inexpensive devices in Amazon’s Kindle family.

Amazon to release $50 Fire tablet

For comparison, the cheapest tablet Apple presently sells, the iPad mini 2, starts from $299, and Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is $119.Ninety nine.
Amazon can even launch new 8-inch and 10-inch $50 tablet this year, the report says, however the pricing for those has not been revealed.
Amazon’s fire smartphone flopped last year while the organization confounded expectancies that it might release a reasonably-priced tablet and as an alternative priced its new tool to match Apple’s iPhone, with none of Apple’s cult appeal. When price-cuts couldn’t keep it, Amazon absorbed $170 million in unsold handsets and laid off dozens of engineers.
Amazon has now come complete-circle with the less expensive device, which builds the corporation’s enterprise across the offerings it could promote once the purchaser has offered the cheaper reader.

Amazon to release $50 tablet as pricier Fire devices struggle to find buyers



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