OnePlus 2 Invitations rollout will be slower compared to anticipated rate

Like a tech start-up, OnePlus is actually facing some difficulty with their newest flagship OnePlus 2‘s invite system, although handset features leading computer software and electronics on-board although lately many users are actually addressing troubles in connecting towards under par performance with the USB-Type C port.

The Chinese company has clarified concerning the delay in the OnePlus 2 invites, which flows a 2-3 week delay in North america but a recent forum post shows that the wait will extend to a lot more patches within the map.

OnePlus 2 Invitations rollout will be slower compared to anticipated rate

OnePlus mentions the delay is because the screening process via, which to merely closely check and act according to the user responses and stressing around the Home-brewed O2 OS, the company is doing work strenuously around the OS to enhance the general product encounter.
Nonetheless, the OnePlus fans must wait just a little longer to get their on the job the OnePlus 2 device due to the slower compared to anticipated roll from the invites and if you are a OnePlus two user witout a doubt and dealing with some issues with the gadget,then you can head over to OnePlus support team

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